First swim! 

This one is a milestone for me – more than for Nayel. Today we took him to the pool for the very first time😬😬. Nayel and I went for a sleepover at bajiapas( my sister) and after days of planning a trip somewhere- we both ended by being at home with our little ones. A staycation seemed impossible so did a trip to the water park. Our bad luck. Nevertheless, we still had loads of fun – at home.

So today after a late breakfast, we headed out to the pool. It was a beautiful warm day today. Perfect for a dip! Yea for me literally a dip only as I don’t know how to swim🙈. I was overlyexcited for N’s pool day. Last night we specially went and bought a cute blue sharky swim suit for him. So I changed him into his swimwear with the pamper on 😂 and took a tube to put him in water . I need to buy the swim diapers now for him. (Google how amazing they are!)

If you’ve been reading my blogs you would know that N’s a very cautious and a careful baby hehe. His first reaction in the water was not all happy but soon it completely shifted to a non -stop water hopper! He immensly and utterly enjoyed splashing in the baby pool. His tiny hands and feet kept flipping here and there to experience the water around him. The baby pool was small and his feet were almost touching the pool floor. I could see him trying his best to run around . Aww my baby! Ma sha Allah !! Nayel was soon taken in the bigger pool by his khala where they played and enjoyed together. As a mommy I kept bugging my cousin Mashal to take pictures and make videos of him! My sister kept screaming at me to enjoy the moment and forget snapping pics! 🙈 ( atleast I managed to get a few). Soon Nayel started trying to get out of the tube as that was a restriction for him- too soon for that baby Nayel!

We made great memories today and I cannot wait to take him for a pool dip again! When was the first time you took your lil one for swimming ?

All the mommies out there- our babies love water , make use of the beautiful spring sunny days and take them for some splash fun. Don’t forget to use some sun screens though!

ef=””> Say Ma sha Allah pleaseeeeeeee. 😄[/capt
f=””> Mommy in the best invention ever – burkini: enjoying with baby N in the bigger pool![/capt

–Happy splashing! 🏊🏻 —

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