Nayel turns 1! ما شاء الله‎‎

Dear Nayel,

Firstly I can’t believe I am writing this letter to you. Wait.. someone please pinch me.. Its already your first birthday? I mean 365 days gone?? Times surely running, jumping or probably flying fast. Exactly a year ago, I held you for the very first time ‘physically’. I can never forget your first look though: wide eyed glancer, inquisitive from the very first minute, candy floss -soft and the most beautiful piece crafted ever- my baby Nayel. Mama ka baby. On 1st April’2016, Allah gifted me the most precious jewl- a treasure for lifetime and beyond( in sha Allah). Allhamdullilah !

Since then it has truly been a wonderful roller coaster of a year! You have come a long way ma sha Allah. From being a tiny gagri( as khala called you) to a strong playful bagra! There are many things that you already do so well! From being a fast crawler to being a good eater- yes that does include all the dirt you’ve been eating from ground 😂! Thank you for all the fabulous adventures around!!

Thank you for sticking with me through all the tough times meri jan. Thanks for trusting me even when things seemed like they were heading in the wrong direction 😷😷Thanks for always loving me.❤️❤️

You’re my Nayel the explorer! You love exploring switches and wires, opening drawers and cupboards and throwing everything outside! Your love for the bathroom is on its peak- which also involves happily licking the floor and tasting every single shampoo bottle ! You’re giving me a very tough fight during pamper change nowadays- as you run around, sticking your hands in poop! 💩 😂 But I also learnt at school- ‘perseverance is the hinge of all virtues’: I have never been so determined to put a baby pamper on as I do every single day with you😎😎⭐️💪🏽

Your 9 months journey in me was itself a dune bashing in a desert safari. I still remember counting your hiccups and making videos of my belly whenever you swam around😍. Your explorations began way before you entered this world and I pray they continue and grow more- as they’re the essence of success and vision.
I pray from Allah swt that He blesses you with a long, happy and a successful life- may He put a hedge of safety around you from any kind of harm and evil. I pray that He protects you from accidents ,injuries and diseases.
I pray that Allah grants you the best of company as your friends in future – who will inspire you and draw you closer towards Him.

I pray that Allah grants me strength in your upbringing in the light of Hidayat and grant you a heart to love his creations. I pray that Allah guides you away from pride, greed and selfishness.

I pray that you become the coolness of your daddy’s and mine eyes- In sha Allah. AMEEN

You’re so so special! Daddy and I dearly love you kobi kobi!

Happy 1st birthday 🎉 🎈 🎉

12 thoughts on “Nayel turns 1! ما شاء الله‎‎

  1. Allahumma baarik. Maasha Allah. This is such a beautiful letter. I’m inspired to write on to my babies. May Allah bless your family and make them the coolness of your eyes. This is so heartwarming. BaarakAllah feekum ❤

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  2. Allah Mubarak karay! Aameen! May Nayel has many more such birthdays and beautiful moments in his life to share with all so he may GO, GROW AND GLOW AAMEEN, I pray for you and Huzaifa as well.GOD BLESS BOTH TO CHERISH ALL MOMENTS IN LIFE.

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  3. MashAllah ! May Allah give you more n more happiness in upcoming years and bless you unforgettable moments with your life partner n son. May Allah make your journey more beautiful n all those moments when we fell down somewhere ,where we felt ourselves alone u will see InshaAllah u will fight n stand again “after every fall there is a spring..”
    With love,
    Mehwish Waqas

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