Mummy is back! 

Hello everyone! Wooh ! So after a long long gap, today finally I managed to gather my fingers onto the keyboard to get through this blog. Yep loads have happened since my last post so this one would be a short ( I promise I’ll try to keep it short) 🤞 run of all that kept mummy busy.

If you remember, my last blog was on Nayel’s first birthday. My little monster is a year old now and trust me everyday new is a naughtier than before. The crawls have become even faster -walking next! with little cooing to some words now. Things have started to get into the flush🤦🏻‍♀️ and kitchen cupboards his favourite sneak places. House and drawer keys are now found in his toy chest and my lipsticks in his hands. My house is a running action movie for now and all this keeps me on my toes.

As a mummy I obviously love it! But at the same time I am always looking for an hour or two break from this too. Allhamdullilah I do manage to hide for 10 min in a shower or jus get a reading break on the toilet seat😍! Quick power breaks I would say- During which too Baby N keeps banging on the door. ” how dare you mummy- you left me and went alone! ”

Anyways- We had a little break from our routine life and headed to Lahore for around 3 weeks. It was refreshing to be pampered with some help there and Nayel enjoyed so much! Living alone here in Dubai is a big disadvantage too I feel. Nayel has become very clingy and non- social. I’m currently looking for places and ways for him to interact with kids : so please help! Lahore was fun as staying with family and lots of people visiting kept him entertained, developed his social skills and gave mummy some rest too.

Another big thing that has been keeping me busy with Nayel is a nightmare called’ Teething’ – thanks to which Nayel has currently become a very pricky eater, who would gag onto every thing that mummy is feeding him 😭. There was a phase in between where he would  just want to be fed with breastmilk- ( even exhausting ). Allhamdullilah, as things are getting wee bit better, he is coming back to where we started from – the purees. ( patience mama patience is the key)🤔🙃🙂

So yeah- the three T’s that made it quiet imposisble for me to sit and blog were : Travelling , Teething and Tantrums! Somehow interlinked with each other too.

You never know what you’re capable of until you become a mommy! With all that its still the most beautiful experience and I would never trade it off with anything else!

Well hello to the blogging world –  once again! *drumrolls*  😍

s://”> Nayel enjoying with Haya on a trip to the village in Pakistan [/caption][ca
This is what I was talking about

2 thoughts on “Mummy is back! 

  1. My Dear Tabinda, nayel has given you a new name MAMA, which is a whole new identity, but the best part is you are enjoying motherhood. love to read all your experiences, keep sharing 🙂

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