Ready.. set .. WALK!

The first steps a baby takes are into your heart ❤️!

Wohoo! Ma sha Allah Nayel has won another milestone in his cap- the walk has begun. The first year of a baby is so exciting. Each day is a new learning one. Though its still a learning one but atleast he has started to take those steps confidently on his own. 👏🏻😬- yup I’m a super duper excited – -proud mommy.

A few months back I was constantly worring about him not walking as yet. I kept asking people around for when their babies started to rock n roll walking, and that used to make me think why isn’t mine doing the same. Some said 10 months , a year , 9 months etc! I think that’s a very common mommy thing – mostly a first time mum’s mind to keep worring on every single detail of their lil one- from changes in poop , to blinking of eyes , be it crawling , eating , sleeping – just about anything! But one thing that I have learnt is not to compare your child with any other as every child has his or her own timeline do get things rolling .

Sooo! As those first steps make us proud and excited- we’re also realizing that we need a pair of eyes in the back of our head , that too to work really fast😂. There’s no stopping whatsoever. Here are a few things that N’s mummy and daddy are doing mostly. These might be helpful for you to think ahead of your baby’s walking time:

  1. Click click – You will find yourself clicking photos and making videos of almost every new step. 😂- In the beginning, you will almost fail every time to get tht special moment! 1000 tries later- there you are! My phone’s memory now is full!
  2. Parenting get tough– a lot more! You will find yourself running after them. A 🐱 cat and a mouse chase very much. 🐭
  3. Shopping shoes : All I care about now is Nayel’s shoes. All I want to shop is soft , light weight cute pairs for his tiny toes running around. I was always a shoe obsessor😍❤️- let me also tell you they’re pretty expensive! 🤦🏻‍♀️ keep your eyes open during sales and promotions to grab good ones!
  4. Stroller problems : Once they start walking – they hate getting tied in the stroller🤦🏻‍♀️. My trips to the grocery store and malls are getting harder now.
  5. Ouchy Ouchy on the rise :  Yes be ready. They will need zillions of ‘it’s ok’ and tighy bear hugs;). The balancing is hard in the beginning and for some reason they don’t know how to stop, so bump here bump there. Time to get house baby proof. We’ve removed all sharp edgy furniture.
  6. Lock down 🔐- yes this one is so so important. You will find yourself buying drawers and cupboard locks – For me , I need new ones. Nayel has broken the existing ones 😂- clothes and kitchen pans and seen flying out.
  7. Move everything up: Absolutely! sadly my beautiful house decor is all on high shelves😂. Time to get those ikea lack shelves 🤔
  8. Lock those windows: Extremely important one while living in high rises. Lock those windows and balconies. Their walking is making them more inquisitive, curious and explorers. Nayel has recently started loving and playing with the window blind cords. Very dangerous and a major hazard as it can cause chocking- so I’ve now rolled them high up from his reach.
  9. Keep them closed! – for me its the bathroom, I have experienced N throwing toys and bottles into the faucet 😖. Yes playing with that water in there too😭 😷
  10. Awww– nothings more cuter than seeing their 🐧 penguin walk here and there.❤️❤️. Love multiply infinity xx

Do post a comment to share your walkathon journey! Would love to hear more stories 😬😬

Happy running – after – them mommy and daddies !

4 thoughts on “Ready.. set .. WALK!

  1. So relatable!! Shaan has started walking too and he is just too excited..wants to get up and start walking even when we are putting hum to sleep. Now he has conquered the kitchen cabinets and fridge where he can just walk and open it all for his explorations! But nothing is more beautiful than watching your little one taking penguin steps and being so excited about it! Lovely read 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Asraa!! Ma sha Allah congratulations 🎈🎉! Yes its such a delight to watch them conquering the world on their footsteps. May Allah swt protect them from all the evil around. Papis to shaan ❤️


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