This is something I have been pondering over alot. Now as Nayel sleeps next to me after an hour long session of not -wanting -to- sleep 😂,  I am writing this post for all the mothers out there who are really busy in their everyday routines. Be it a housewife or a working mommy, we all sail in the same boat. As a full time stay- at -home mum, I am loaded with every possible chore.One thing after the other keeps coming up. I really feel uptight with a gazillion things at one time :all demanding my full attention! Do you guys feel the same tooo? Moreover a nice cherry on the top- I  easily get distracted by silly things which are not at all important. And my 15 min chore gets into a 50 min one ! 😫 Happens with you too? Well congratulations, you’re not alone! 👏🏻I think 99.9 %of mommies get trapped into the same delima.

It’s an everyday struggle. Now the question remains, with all this and a fully demanding toddler or a baby , how do you make sure you’re actually spending some quality time by being really present for ‘them’?

Well , let me assure you. It is a constant struggle. There’s no perfection to it. Being in the 21st century , surrounded by our very own social media as a best friend- we really have so many things craving our time. While technology and the internet definitely has its benefits, there are also many negative effects.

Therefore , I have highlighted some of the ways which will help us as mothers to really spend some quality time with our lil ones. A more foucsed and presence involvement I guess. Let’s tackle this today as like-minded moms who love our kids, want to be with them, and want to maintain good mental health as well. (Post contains affiliate links.)

“You will never have this day with your children again. Tomorrow they’ll be a little older than they were today. This day is a gift.” — Jen Hatmaker

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  1. Limiting Social Media: yepp! This one is hard for me! I think that being a stay at home mom, it is easy to feel isolated and staying connected on social media can help us to feel more connected. It has helped me alot! But like there’s a boundary to every thing else, its to this too. Few ways that might help could be- finding an hour in the day where you promsie yourself not to reach to your phones. And then treat yourself with a dark chocolate 🍫 😋😋 or perhaps setting a time where phones are kept far away from our reach!
  2. Sharing responsibilites: If you’re a mom you automatically qualify to be a super hero! But that doesn’t mean you have to do every single chore yourself. It’s absolutely ok to divide and share responsibilites. It’s a perfect thing to say ‘No’ sometimes. Delegate chores. If you have more kids, let them take charge of small everyday things. You will be surprised to see how much your kids do. We always underestimate them. Helping you around will keep them engaged and teach them the responsibility aspect too. It’s a great way to bond and spend time together while still getting work done!😉
  3. Eye contact: This will tell your little one that you are talking to them. They will gradually learn the importance of looking at people while talking to them. It will help them to build their self confidence even though they will not realize it yet. Try bending on your knees and lowering your body to be at their level for communicating.This respectfully helps focus the child’s attention and they are ready to listen and learn. 💙
  4. Self care – You need energy and positivity to function as a mom! Sleeping well, eating healthy and taking mini breaks is essential to be a ‘present mom’. Check out my previous blog where on ‘self care’ you will get some really cool ideas on how to indulge into some self pampering ! 👇🏼https://frommummytonayel.wordpress.com/2017/07/19/5-things-i-do-to-practice-self-care-as-a-mum/
  5. Building Routines right from the start- this one for yourself and your little one. Even if you’re a homemaker, get into a routine to use your time well and be really positively present for ur little one. This will also save your time!
  6. One activity a day!: I have recently started doing this with Nayel. I love self play. But once for around 20-30 min I really play and do an activity with him. With tight schedules a short one will be good. But doing it consistently is the key. Choose anything that interest you and your little one. I’m enjoying some DIY and up cycling using things I have at home! Check my instagram for ideas @frommummytonayel !
  7. Finding happiness – saying Allhamdullilah ❤️ When we change our perspective and expectations, happiness will come. Create a gratitude journal ( @ayeinaofficial has one amazing! I still need to get mine😍). Take a deep breath and say a prayer thanking God for “right now.” Redefine yourself- connect with your hobbies. Nurture your passions and interests. Remember the ‘You’ that you’ve forgotten . 🙂 It is also very important to forgive yourself. Don’t let your mind wander to the past and all the ways you’ve messed up as a parent. 😉 

You are a loving mother, but you are not everything to everyone at every minute. And that’s okay.

What would you add to this list? I would love to read some more inspirational ways! Good luck mommies!

•Happy being ‘Present‘•


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