Mommy’s Friday

I've thought of an idea! Every Friday, which is a weekend off here in Dubai, I will be posting a blog- mainly summing up my entire week! Isn't that a great idea? My regular blogs will be coming up in between too, this one however would be a same white board Friday. Excited mommy! ☺️☺️

This Friday I lived the real thrill of the weekend vibe after almost 2 years! I'm working part time at the British Council Dubai for their Summer School. What a feeling it is to go back to the classroom and find my lost self there again. Allhamdullilah.

I'm dropping Nayel to my sister for the days I'm working. It's honestly a blessing to know that he's safe and sound at home, awesomely taken care of and being fed. Shes a star💜

We came to spend a night at Nayel's dada abu and dadijans place here in Sharjah. It's a treat time for Nayel as he absolutely loves being with them. We had a nice and long sleep and I woke up to countless hugs and licks😍. It was actually hard to leave the bed today.

My mother in law cooks Biryani every Friday- it's like a tradition here in my family- and let me tell you, I had never eaten this delicious biryani before, she is a masterchef!! Each week is a new variation. We usually skip breakfast to be that hungry for it !

Every Friday we dive into this goodness! *drooling*

After putting Nayel for a nap, I went to my office to work on the lesson plans for the upcoming week as it's very difficult to stay back after the classes for me- Nayel attracts mummy like a magnet and I just want to run to him! Atleast now a peaceful mind at home😉

Moreover, we bought a huge table tennis for our Sharjah home from !! It's a perfect new toy for boys house. Guess what, Nayel loves it more than any of us. He wants to stand ON the table and then run from one end to the other 😂.

Also to add, I won three amazing competitions on instagram this week! It was the best feeling ever! These competitions are real guys! Go take part and try your luck !

It's time for us to to do our weekly groceries! So Nayel and I are heading to the store

How are you spending your weekend?

Till next Friday – signing off – Nayel's mama.

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