The Friday Times

A very happy new Islamic year to all of you! May this new year be a bouquet of happiness, success and abundance of health for all of us! Ameen.

Sharjah is just love. I enjoy this city way more than Dubai. The walks on the corniche and Qasba are so much easier and calmer than the fast life in Dubai. I enjoy everything in this city other than the traffic🙈 which is the ONLY reason we moved to Dubai. But Allhamdullilah , we still get to visit here every weekend💕! Nayel and I had a casual 10 minutes stroll last night to a coffee shop nearby for a short mummy baby friends meet up. It was such a refreshing one hour with Anum , until Nayel pooped and I didn’t have his diaper bag🙈. That’s the benefit of hanging out with friends with same age kids, as Anam like a good mom did have a spare pamper that Nayel was changed into😋. Other than that both our kids played together which was great! I really need such playdates more often to get Nayel a little social. Flash-backing this week, very much at home 🏡. Hosted a family dinner on Wednesday which was a fun time. Read my previous blog to know how I managed to host it all alone with Nayel : under construction of food really looks like.. caffeine dose to keep me going..Nayel’s grandparents returned from Pakistan after almost 2 weeks therefore we’re staying over at their place in Sharjah this weekend. Which means lots of Nayel fun and spoiling- and relaxing rest time for me😌 (booked a beauty saloon’s appointment already for a pedicure later today!) 😍
real. This cat permanently now sits outside dada bu’s house for Nayel- atleast looks like so. Or did dada abu paid this cat to see Nayel’s excitement? Hmmm ..😋😋 Have a blessed Friday- make dheer sari duas for us too. ❤️❤️

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