A little sad Friday as my cousins are leaving for higher studies to London- well one already left and the other one this coming week😫. My life was so much fun with them around for Nayel and I specially now that we were living very nearby. From doing my makeup to being my movie date mates😞 – what will I do without you both!!

Sana and Mashal, I wish you guys all the luck and success❤️❤️! Miss u sooo much !

InshAllah we’ll meet in December with a big bang cousins reunion in Lahore now😍- can’t wait!!

Sparkling some positive and happy dust around, I attended a beautiful workshop by Micayle Ducroq, who’s an amazing life couch here in Dubai on positive healing. It was a good 2 hour session to really think deeper into personality , heal broken images of yourself, set realistic goals for self growth and happiness. (Mine are definitely getting a driving license and learning some more blogging techniques ☺️ )After the workshop we headed over to Clinton Street Bakery and goobled some fish n chips!

Nayel wasn’t very well this week. It all started with diarrhea and some rashes on his body and I had to rush to the hospital to get him checked. The doctor identified it as some viral ( Alhamdullilah nothing like chicken pox or so – uff I’m so scared to even say those! ) I was pretty much just changing diapers and carrying a cranky irritable toddler. With time, he has improved and inshAllah will be all set very soon ☺️

Yesterday, we visited Dubai mall and it was a terrible mistake. N was in such a bad mood that he just cried and 90% of the time we were just sitting in the feeding room. Should I blame teething, or diarrhea or just the terrible 2 phase going on??😞😤 I couldn’t shop a single thing for myself but as usual , Nayel was lucky to get his. He slept for like half n hour in which I managed to grab some books for him. Wohoo! We’ve got new books!! I will definitely be sharing them on my instagram- each one is a unique grab! So stay connected! @frommummytonayel

Friday is pretty much a day to relax for me. While I now sit and sip my tea and nuts, Nayel’s playing with dada abu and dadi jan.. what about you??

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