Nayel and mummy had a very productive week! This ones a candid shot while going for a food and nutrition workshop yesterday at the Kids HQ! Whenever I get ready, I try to click a picture- (the new mummy phase😋)< em>

arlier this week , I was invited over for a fantastic mummy meet up and lunch at a friends place. We had a yummy Chinese feast – my fav! All cooked at her home. Something interesting that I learnt- she hires a Pakistani aunty who comes home and cooks dishes ! And they all tasted sooooo good! I’m definitely calling her over for my next dawat! Just 150aed for 5 dishes- how cool is that now😍. And that chicken with cashews nuts was just so amazing 🤤

Talking of food- we also had mouth watering cholay bhaturay and raj kachori from Bikernwala in Barsha. This was a last reunion with cousins before they all departed to London and Pakistan for perhaye and work! Can’t tell you how much I miss them!!

My youngest sister is taking her O level exams nowadays- I still can’t get over the fact that she has grown this big!!! Ma sha Allah! So being an emo sister, I sent her some mini goodies to wish her luck- all with personalized notes , yes some were funny😝. Found these really cute string lights from Lifestyle to send a message of success lighting her way! InshAllah ❤️

That’s pretty much all. There’s an awesome contest going on for this week too on my instagram to celebrate my first 1000 followers ! Yay!! If you haven’t participated, go and try your luck now!

Fridays mean no running after Nayel as its family time! While I’ll sip some more cups of chaye. What about you?

4 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Love your idea of giving your sister a pack of goodies. Reminds me of the time I got one for my baby sister when she started college!


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