Weather is a little better than before here in Dubai. We can’t say we have Autumn leaves and wind , but atleast we can imagine that and be happy😬😋.

Saying of Autumn, Nayel and mummy did lots of art and craft this week.

Here’s our Welcoming Autumn tree! If you follow me on Instagram you will see so many of random craftings💜

We’re thinking out of the box and inventing new and fun paint brushes! You guys should try too!

Other than that it was a very lazy week for us. Didn’t go anywhere much except for a day. Talking of that, did I tell you the desserts and coffee we had at Sum of Us cafe in Dubai? It was so coffeelicious! That chocolate eclair was soo delish! It was filled with not very sweet gooey dark chocolate frosting and topped with choppedd walnuts😍 oo em jee! Just writing this is making me drool. And the other one was a cinnamon coated full of raisins danish pastry. If you’re in Dubai, you should give this place a try!

Some updates with Nayel too. for now all food is a no no! He’s giving me such a tough time in eating. Please pass over some food ideas and tips ! I made some pumpkin and lentil soup for him and atleast that is always a hit.

This is a not so good flat lay of the very good and yummy Pakistani food I had with my sister at Ravis restaurant in Satwa Dubai. The maash ki daal, chicken tikka and jalferzi with garam garam tandori roti is just not to be missed!! Have you guys tried the food here? You’re missing onto the best Pakistani dishes!! Go now🐾

That’s pretty much for Friday. I’m also announcing the winner for my instagram competition-

Congratulations- @namitavsuri – please DM me with your details!

I actually chose someone based on how they interacted on my social media posts and showered constant love! It was hard to pick up one really. But I promise to host another one really soon!

This is actually a good way to make people read your blog😂 Ending with a positive quote- keep smiling and stay positive

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