The story of Ayeina_offical❤️- a true inspiration for mums!

Getting into blogging has connected me to such amazing mums around the globe! There are so many strong and wise women who are multitasking in various areas of life. Who said being a mum is the end- for me it’s a total new start, a new perspective to life and a whole lot of learning!

This brings me up to an interesting series that I’m starting on my blog and here’s the first one today!

I will be interviewing and featuring my favorite inspirational mummy bloggers around the world and writing about them so that you could know them too!

Not only that, stay connected to me as I would be introducing many talented ladies working and earning from home through simple ideas! Isn’t that so cool😍😍

Ladies and Mummies and everyone else *drumrolls* please- here my first super talented and strong mummy Ayesha from Ayeina_offical.

1. Can you tell us something about the face /faces behind Ayeina? 

There are many faces behind Ayeina without whom we wouldn’t have been where we are today Alhamdulillah. But AYEsha and SamINA are the two founders of AYEINA (hence the name mixture –

Sisters by blood but best friends by heart! And nursing mums to each other’s progeny 💞

2. Your blog has become a great source of advice, information and resource for Muslim mums all around the world. But what inspired you to start writing in the first place?

We used to write for the internet long before AYEINA was born but we put it all in one place at AYEINA because of the lack of freedom we had when writing for other platforms. It started as a sadaqa jaariyah and partly turned into business upon public demand of physical products – hence the journals came into being! 

 3.Were there any points along the way where you changed direction with your blog?

We never knew we’d publish books. Because we never started with that intent and even though at one point we really wanted to make “Alhamdulillah” into a journal, it was a scary thought because the concept was totally new. We had not seen any Islamic Journal in the market which meant we didn’t know how it would do if we jump into it. If it fails then all our investment goes to waste (which is huge when it comes to physical products). It’s easier to take a risk when there is a product of the same genre in the market doing well already. But nonetheless, we took the plunge while trusting Allah and are now so happy to see more and more journals coming out in the Muslim world! Alhamdulillah 💖

4. How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently with your kids and house chores?

Most of the times it’s completely chaotic 😂 we feel like a mess to be honest because giving everyone and everything your time means you forget yourself in the process. And this happens a lot with us! While trying to juggle all the balls in life, we keep dropping ourselves – our health, our me-time, our self-care etc.  – which is why we started the Pre-Ramadan Productive Course based around our Productivity journal to handle this situation of ours 😩 badly needed it Lol.

5. If you could go back in time and change one thing you’ve done or decision you’ve made as a parent, what would it be and why?

Oh that’s a tough one because mothers always feel so guilty about everything 😩 

6. what are your top three tips for surviving as a parent ?

1: Grab your shoes

2: Run

3: Don’t look back 😂

Jokes apart, gratitude and a no-comparison rule can do wonders for you in any relationship! Especially the relationships that are really demanding.

And both survival tips are interconnected actually. If you start comparing your motherhood life/kids/family to others, gratitude goes out the window. And vice versa. 

Another survival tip would be to utilise the time after Fajr. There is immense Barakah in the early mornings (as mentioned in this hadith: )

It is the last end of rope to your sanity most of the times. When you start your day feeling fulfilled, the rest of the day goes smoothly as well Alhamdulillah.

UNLESS your kids decide to have a post-fajr-party with you 😒 lol. 

7. Can you name your favourite parent bloggers on instagram and tell us why they are your favourites?

Oooo that’s a tough one as well. Gotta love @ruqayas.bookshelf as she writes so beautifully and really shows the power of gratitude (especially in tough times) and since we’re all about positivity, she stands out indeed 💖

8. ‘ Alhamdullilah for Series ‘ – is such a beautiful journal. Are there more such journals lined ahead for us? 

Yes. Many actually 🙈 in shaa Allah.The second in the series is the recently launched “I will in shaa Allaah – Productivity Journal for Muslims” which is based on a theme of a whiteboard (as opposed to #AlhamdulillahForSeries which revolved around a chalkboard theme).

The next one will in shaa Allah be an art journal (an Islamic coloring and activity book for adults) which will be based around a clip-board 🙂 

We started working on this coloring book soon after the gratitude journal BUT it has taken a lot of time due to it’s huge collaborative nature – more than 50 Muslim artists are coming together to form one journal as its based around our campaign #MuslimsCollab, So time is inevitable unfortunately. But hey! In shaa Allah soon! 💖

All of the future journals will be board themed as well lol. Bi’idhnillah 💜

9.  Lastly what advice would you give to today’s generation moms on raising kids?

If you consider your children as an amaanah from Allah and not your own property, it will make a huge difference in your dealings with them.

An amaanah that you have to return on the day of judgement and the One Who it actually belonged to, will ask how we took care of His amaanah.

Did we prepare that amaanah for jannah? Did we keep the amaanah safe from what could lead to hell-fire?

Seeing your kids in this light can bring a great change in your perspective in shaa Allah. And even though the responsibility starts to seem heavier that way, motherhood starts to feel much more meaningful. 

Because the One Who trusted you enough to give you His amaanah is the One Who rewards abundantly – without any limit! 

In shaa Allah 💖

May we be able to fulfil this amaanah in an ahsan way! Aameen 💜

Do visit their page and I’m sure you will love it and learn so much ! Helps me every single day in the tough moments of motherhood!

May Allah put barakah in her work and may she  always be a source to enlighten more people towards the righteous deen ❤️❤️❤️
Do leave a comment below about what you feel after reading abouy Ayeina ❤️.

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