Exploring Jabel Jais – through my eyes.

This week was a very hectic yet super fun kind. Nayel’s daddy had taken off the entire week so we had a good relaxing family time! Alhamdullilah!

So on Tuesday we picked Nayel’s grand parents and drove all the way up to Jabel Jais.

For those who don’t know what it is- Jabel Jais is the highest mountain in the UAE which is about 1,925 m or 6,315 feet. Jebel Jais is located in the mountain ranges of the northern emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, near the UAE-Oman Border.

Luckily we got our jackets and a warm cap for N as it was 19 degrees up there!

The drive was super beautiful and very peaceful! Thank god we went on a weekday. Weekends are super packed and jammed as everyone wants to drive there for views, bbq and family get togethers.

On our way up there, we stopped by a small mosque in the mountains for Asr namaz. It was so nice and soul- refreshing to pray in between mountains.

We did keep Nayel’s car seat in Dada abu’s car otherwise its too hard to handle him! And dangerous too. Chit chating and munching on to some Mc donalds fries on our way made the drive very enjoyable.

The drive up to the peak is stunning. Especially in day light with rugged desert mountains on sides and breath taking views of mountains around.The road there is said to be one of the best one in the UAE to drive on! So if you want to drive your new car or have some romantic time 😉 – this is where you should be!

It might be a bit of a challenge if you are traveling at night or in early morning because there are no road lights along the way. Numerous animal crossing signs can also be found – so better be careful.

Reaching right up to the top my body started looking and craving a good hot chaye and guess what! I was so happy to find a local cafeteria for garam garam chaye! 😍😍. For 5 dhs a cup, our trip got even more worthwhile! 😉

Nayel ran around and played in the area which is covered with fences and is pretty safe. You would find washrooms quiet easily around up there so its an excellent spot of camping!

href=”https://frommummytonayel.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/img_1914.jpg”> Washrooms up there. Neat ones ![/

We set up our chairs and a small table , bought some popcorns from the chaye shop and enjoyed the stunning views around.

href=”https://frommummytonayel.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/img_1918.jpg”> My superman who does it all! While I stroll around taking pictures for my blog ;)[/

The weather was chilly and windy. And at sunset time- spectacular views.

After enjoying our chaye  snacks, and taking nice pictures, we drove back down, stopped by the little beautiful mosque again for maghrib namaz and then back home.

A day very well spend!

Some important to – do’s for you if you’re planning a trip up there.

1. Wear comfortable shoes to explore mountains around.

2. You can easily camp, bbq and have a nice picnic up there! Be extremely careful of the garbage disposal as there are hefty fines for making a mess.

3. Toilets are easily accessible.

4. If you’re planning to travel hassle free, you will find local 2-3 shops up there for tea and snacks. A little costly though.

5. Carry warm wear for kids and yourself too as it gets chilly up there.

6. Charge your camers! Be ready for photography 💕

7. Signals are easily accessible in most areas, so your phones will work.

Use the winter time in the UAE to explire Jabel Jais. I’m sure you will love it.

Do share your experiences and any more tips that could help others! x

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