7 reasons why I’m loving Lahore!

1. Winters!!

The cold weather, lots of chaye and mom phali ( peanuts) ! Heater in the living room and sweaters! Yes this is the best time of the year!

2. Helpers!!

Literally Yes very literally since I have come I am lazying like a princess. Theres a girl to wash clothes, a cook, a cleaner, a watchman and one more helper! Ma sha Alah! And nayel loves all of them- so I’m not even picking him up! Hayeee Pakistan k shashkkay ( blessings of Pakistan)!

3. Halwa Poori Nashta (desi breakfast)!

It’s a must when we’re in Lahore. Ghalib Market’s halwa pori. We sit outside on the small side street and hot puris with channa and halwa are served. On sides, methi lassi ( sweet yogurt drink) and fresh orange juice! Beautiful sunshine , chilly weather and hot puris ! Nothing can beat that!

4. Spas and Parlour:

Since I have come, I have had three trips to Parlours and I guess many more to come. Long due manicures and pedicure, haircut , massage and treatments! It’s way cheaper and better than Dubai. Atleast I have help at home for Nayel, so I’m enjoying the little pampering blessings to the core.

5. Home cooked food:

That feeling when you don’t have to worry about groceries and cooking! The best 😍🙈 – guilty much but can’t deny. Each meal is cooked, presented well and served with garm gher k roti right in front of me. And not to forget the yummy taste! Hayeee- maza he ajata hai! ❤️

6. Star and May:

So star is our dog and May is our cat, and they’re super part of our family! Kids and us everyone loves them. Star is my mamu’s dog but since they are now settled in Korea, she stays in Lahore at mama’s home. And May is our own rescued cat. One is in the other one out – and life’s beautiful with them 💕

7. Family Reunions:

After a long time my entire family is getting together for a week all in one house! Big fat cousin party and lots of fun planned inshAllah! Stay tuned for more updates on my blog☺️

Aren’t mummy’s home the best place ever! What do you love the most with mummmies??

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