What you see vs What you don’t.


A happy, cheerful, super dressed and extra bright mummy having a blast on a fancy morning breakfast with a calm and cheerful 2 year old who is happily posing for the picture.


Reality :

An exhausted mummy who breastfed all night to a not-so- well toddler. Woke up and got dressed in 15 min to reach at an event in order to meet some nice mums. Skipped breakfast as she was getting late running behind her lil one making sure he was fed. Holding a 2 year old depsite a sprain in the lower back cuz he wouldn’t stay still otherwise🤣. Asking him to say ‘cheese’ for a nice picture cuz he’s more interested in looking at other kids with their toys- he can’t wait to jump off and try snatching from them🙈🤦🏻‍♀️.



We all are struggling one way or the other. There’s absolutely nothing as fancy as it looks on social media. If your child if fed at the end of the day and sleeping calmly, you’ve done a great job! Forget the mess, grab a mug of hot tea, sip it slowly and let it all go! 💕😉




What’s your messy story like? Please don’t tell me it’s perfect 😂😂- it will break my heart😛

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