Kidzapproved! – Here comes Caboodle!

I’m a very picky parent when it comes to indoor play areas. As an educationist, I love outdoor play grounds way more than indoor amusements for kids. But as an expat in Dubai, keeping extreme hot and humid weather conditions in mind, we’re super blessed to have huge indoor malls and loads of activities for kids- away from heat!

Last week, I was very confused about where to take Nayel for some interactive play- that’s when I downloaded and explored ‘Kidzapp’ and found ‘ Caboodle’!

My first reaction : ‘ A play area for the whole family! ‘

It’s a beautiful mini world of imagination, creativity and fun ! From soft play area to reading books, from pretend play to lego, from art n crafts to singing and dancing, from a cafe to a small toy shop , you name it and they have it!

Nayel had a time of his life! He doesn’t really easily leave me in play places but at Caboodle, he didn’t even care if I was around him.

With so many options and such a happy staff around , it was hard for him to choose what to play with first. He ran , jumped and danced from one end to the other with kids around. ‘Baby shark’ and ‘head shoulders knees and toes’ kept him grooving all the time! It was such a treat to see him exploring and playing independently.

Caboodle has many branches across in Dubai, we visited the one in Dubai mall. They have many offers for parents to either take kids for play inside or drop them off and have a shopping experience.

For all details on pricing please visit

Caboodle is not just a play place , they also have a super cute and kids friendly saloon inside ! Nayel desperately needed a haircut hence we grabbed the opportunity at Caboodle for his long due hair grooming! I was so happy to see kids enjoying on ‘seats with steering wheels’ and toys around them to keep them hooked! Not only this, but Tv screens with their favorite cartoons to entertain them while they get a nice haircut! How kids-luxurious!! What else do you need?

In addition to all of this, they even have a small cafe inside ! Can you believe- I was so tired hence I left Nayel inside and sat comfortably ordering some carrot cake bites , a sandwich and a cup of hot tea. Perfect mummy relaxation 😍. Later, Nayel had his fresh orange juice and popcorns too from there. We didn’t needed nor wanted to step out !

If you’re looking for a happy play place, which is super duper clean and full of activities, I highly recommend Caboodle! You will love it!!

Thank you Kidzapp for introducing Caboodle to us! If you haven’t got kidzapp, please download the app and enter the world of adventures for each day!

Caboodle, you stole our heart! Can’t wait to come back again!

9 thoughts on “Kidzapproved! – Here comes Caboodle!

  1. This looks like so much fun for the kids! I’ve seen Caboodle many times in Dubai mall and thought it’s a spa/salon for us ladies with a play area for the kids🙈
    Definitely on my to-take list for my 2 boys now, especially since it’s on entertainer which is perfect for me💃🏻
    Just a question, from the pictures it looks like its for small toddlers, did it look like 2.4 years old would enjoy playing there, not only wreaking havoc? I mean the activities are very educational, my kids love the activity cubes and all types of books but they do require some weird running around time as well😓

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  2. It is a great place. I used to take my daughter when she was a toddler and now considering taking both of my kids this spring break! I’ll also give the hairdresser a try too

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