Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns- book review

“All of the colourful things we’ve seen make up the world of my faith, my deen.” .

Reading can be alot of fun- if done the right Fun way! And books like these- #goldendomesandsilverlanterns – makes reading for all ages even more exciting!


A beautiful book capturing the colourful world of Islam for kids, with things that are so easy for them to relate at home – highlights our Deen, from a red prayer mat to brown dates , from green Quran to Mummy’s blue Hijab, and from Golden Masjid Dome to Silver Lanterns- it captures all wonderfully.


The illustrations are such a highlight to make this book a must for Muslim homes. I loved how the author has added the idea of families being together for prayers and iftar- such peaceful Ramadan feeling right in your hands.

I’d recommend you guys to keep the things mentioned in the book handy while reading with kids which will make them easy to relate to. .

Nayel is just 2, so the attention span is like that of a rice grain😂- many sessions to finish the book are needed, but I’m so glad we have this to come back to again and again. His favorite color for now like mummy- Blueee .

Written by @henakhanbooks , illustrated by @mehrdokht_amini- available to purchase at @mylittleruhm in the UAE


Ages: 3-7

Guided Reading Level- K

Perfect for Circle time in classrooms and bedtime with mummy and daddy at home. I can so think of many activities to do with the book- let me know if you’re interested, I’ll do a separate blog on it. .


What is your favorite book to read with kids?



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