Ramadan Around the world with me- Review and Some sharing! ❤️

So after two days in denial that I wrote an entire long and heartfelt blog and it got deleted by mistake, I’m back again sitting with a mug of chaye by my side and writing it all over again..( not to forget Nayel nagging me again and again and pulling my hair and arm after every 3 mili seconds🙈)

Ramadan is almost coming to an end, and I really wanted to do this blog post earlier- thanks to Nayel and never ending chores, it got delayed so much- also can I say I’m very lazy?

Nonetheless- I wanted to share a book that I got for Nayel which is a very thoughtful one called ‘Ramadan around the world’. It’s written by Ndaa Hassan and illustrated beautifully by Azra Momin. It’s a book that will always be very close to my heart for number of reasons: ( this book is on a plus level for Nayel to understand for now- with him I shared the book and the pictures and labelled words in there. I’m sure in coming years he will fall in love with it even more!)

1- This book took me around the world as if I’m on a magical carpet looking down into and meeting people of different cultures.

2- It magnifies the diversity of cultures, nationalities, abilities and disabilities – which is such a powerful message of unity , love and inclusion. You will find a child being raised by grandparents , a single mum , inclusion of Autistic child and families celebrating together with everyone around ! Job well done Author!

3- Vibrant and fun illustrated spreads that are easy to follow!

It is a book that can be enjoyed by children as young as one and as old as 11 as each child will notice something that speaks to them or teaches them something new.  Toddlers will love the illustrations that depict people and food; preschoolers will enjoy making connections to it; young readers will be excited to read this on their own; elementary school kids will gain an insight into the different architecture and environment on each page; and, older readers will be delighted to learn that the Muslim world they are a part of spreads to all the ends of the earth.


A must for all homes , classrooms and libraries!

Available to purchase in the UAE from



Reading this book made me share my Ramadan Iftar time and table spread with you guys! Not only mine- I wanted to share a few fellow mummy bloggers here in the UAE all from different cultures and nationalities- and how they had a typical Iftar time at home.

1. Me! 😬 🇵🇰 Tabinda from Pakistan

An iftar table at my home had fruit chaat almost everyday along with some homemade fried spring rolls , pizza and some pakoras. We sit together as a family, make dua and break our fast with dates and these yummy savouries! Samosas, chana chat are also some things you will find in a Pakistani iftar Table!

2. Tarana Khan Siddiqi 🇮🇳 :

We’re from North India, and for us, Iftar is usually pakoras, fruit chaat, chickpeas tossed in masala or other savoury items like dahi bhalle or samosas. Drinks are fresh lemonade or RoofAfza with a twist of lemon. We have a proper dinner later, and a light snack in the morning with a glass of milk.


@sandinmytoestk – instagram and Facebook


3. Mayssam Mahmood: 🇵🇸

In Palestine we usually break our fast with 3 dates and water

Then we have our traditional soup (lentil soup).

And we prefer to have salad (fatoosh) , baked or fried vegetables samosas, and one main course preferably something with yogurt ❤️

Mommyandyoyoplusmera – ig and fb


4. Afsheen 🇵🇰:

This is Afsheen, originally from Karachi Pakistan and living in Dubai right now.

This is what my iftar table looks like. I have a 4 and 2 year old & they are not very fond of fried iftari items so I prefer making one main dish which whole family loves and in our case its Peri Peri Chicken with home made french fries. Baba loves aalu pakoras alot so they are a must too. Also the fruits are loved by all of us just as they are instead of making fruitchat. To finish it off some refreshing drink which I make alternatively like Rooh Afza, Tang and sometimes Milk with Rooh Afza. I personally love dates so they are a must for me 😊

I like to keep it simple and only make food which we are able to finish, no leftovers ✨

Blessed with the best mommy


I hope you enjoyed reading this! Where are you from? I’d love to hear your Ramadan traditions- please leave me a comment below!

May We all live another year to experience another beautiful Ramadan inshAllah!❤️

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