A friday blog after a long time- I thought of summing the last few days including Eid here for memories- before I forget tiny cute details.

Here’s a cup of garam garam Latte to start the talk- cuz chaye and coffee makes the world more beautiful- haina?

Our Eid was a busy one. Super sweet and full of family ana jana and fun. Nayel and I went for our first Eid namaz together which was the most beautiful start ever- Alhamdullilah! His nani sent such cute kurta shalwars for him along with a trendy chapal which he totally rocked in! Ma sha Allah!

Can I also show my awesome mehndi- which got very dark in two days! And the story behind if you missed:

Lots of changes coming up on my blog which you will see soon. I just got my own domain! Clap clap! 😍- more details to follow soon.

Nayel’s play area is going well- he enjoys messing around there- but takes no time to bring all of the mess in the living room- so basically my entire living room has been subjected and set up according to his needs. Hayeee..

Please leave me a comment if you want to see more of Friday blogs- I get very lazy, but your feedback will definitely be a good push!

Till next time- keep smiling!

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