Our weaning-off story..

2 years , 2 months and exactly 20 days later- I can proudly and happily – ( full of emotions however) say- Nayel has been weaned off!

What a journey it has been! And can I say I totally loved each second of it – Alhamdullilah!

Breastfeeding was a very profound and determined decision that I made when I was pregnant with Nayel- reading all the goodness about it and more of what Islam says – I really prayed to be able to nurse him full term which is 2 years.

Allah (Subḥānahu wa Ta’āla) said, “The mothers should suckle their children for two whole years, (that is) for those (parents) who desire to complete the term of suckling, but the father of the child shall bear the cost of the mother’s food and clothing on a reasonable basis…” {Surah Al Baqarah: 2: 233}

Surat Al Luqman: 31:14: Allah (SWT) says, “And We have enjoined upon man [care] for his parents. His mother carried him, [Increasing her] in weakness upon weakness, and his weaning is in two years. Be grateful to Me and to your parents; to Me is the [final] destination.”

Alhamdullilah a million-

The beginning stage of initiating bfing was hard but when it came to wean him off, that was even harder!

I will not be going into details of the past on how it was- but I wanted to pen down some helpful wisdom words for mummies who are trying to get their toddlers wean off.

Firstly- the biggest step is to make up YOUR own mind- it will all happen when you’re ready. For me- Nayel’s 2nd birthday was the day-

Here it goes:

First stage : The disasterous phase –

So initially I thoughts its a walk in the park and three days down, my lil one will forget. How wrong was I! It was a walk in jurrasic park 🤣Something that he loves and is addicted to ( my boobs) – I was taking away in a snap! No no – hence – long hours of tantrum, tears, self distruction, engorgement and pain for me and what not! Epic Fail!

Stage 2: The Separation Phase :

We started again- this time- I asked my sister to take Nayel with him for the night and he won’t get any milk. Job done- however, I cried all night, felt an emotional wreakage and Nayel super disturbed too. This was just not okay. I hate weaning and I hated myself for doing this to my baby. I couldn’t keep it up and hence another fail.

Final stage- let’s take it slow :

This time lots of patience and wise words from around. So after trying and failing, I used to give up weaning. It was becoming very stressful- thinking Nayel is 2, it always made me guilty of not being able to wean him off.

My very close friend advised me to start with the concept of teaching Nayel the meaning of ‘finish’ – so we practiced that. Food over- he learnt the word ‘gone’ , something wasn’t available- ‘gone’- so I started telling him that mama’s milk is now gone.

1. I used vinegar to keep him away from my boobs. He hated the smell hence resisted. However very soon he did learn to wipe it off and take milk- hehe clever!

2. Next I got the stick on bandages, put them up and taught Nayel that milk is gone. So he used to lift my shirt up and look for them, and say gone..

4. I made sure he was always well fed- whenever I noticed he would get cranky, gave him a substitute- a piece of fruit, some milk of anything else to eat.

3. Daddy stepped in and Ramadan helped us alot. For naps I used to lock the room for Nayel and daddy and he used to cry but sleep with his dad without milk. Took us days but he did learn.

4. Last stage was night sleep without giving in for me. So I wore a tight bra and a difficult shirt for Nayel to pull it up. He struggled and cried but started sleeping. 3 days later, much better sleep. And finally he forgot!!! He now sleeps peacefully all night Alhamdullilah- which seemed so impossible 😭


Now , he comes to me multiple times a day, gives the biggest hug, kisses me, cuddles and goes back.

We have officially graduated to the next stage of toddlerhood. Bye bye breastfeeding- you will be missed!

Emotionally, going slow was a way better approach for me. Since it was something so dear to both of us, it took us time to leave it too- and there wouldn’t have been any better time than this- I would always remember Ramadan for helping me out- ❤️

4 thoughts on “Our weaning-off story..

  1. loovvved it! made me soo emotional..the pain tht every breastfeeding mom goes through! who ever thought motherhood makes ur life easier


  2. Well done mama, it’s tough to wean after extended breastfeeding!! I stopped my youngest at 3 but now a year later and she still takes much comfort from the boobs and wants her hand there when sleeping!!! Still working on that!


  3. one of the reasons why a mother is such a blessing and ofc there are hundreds of more! this all gave me chills and made me so emotional.. More power to you! and your kid is so cute MASHA ALLAH.. ❤


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