If you have been following my blog, you’d know I had a Friday series on, which now will be changed to Thursdays as I think it’s a good way to wrap a week before the weekend!

Yayyy it’s the weekend! A talk starting with something sweet!!!

So welcome to my Thursdays with Tabinda! ♥️♥️

Week 2 at work and honestly this week went by quickly ! I still don’t have help at home except once a week so that part pretty much sucks:(

An early morning red signal selfie! Ama beta

Nayel’s been doing really well and is happy every morning to see his grandparents! Seriously that’s the biggest blessing I have to work part time- they play with him all day, and I get a sense of security thinking he’s at home, relaxed, gets fed on time and enjoys !

Nayel had a great time at Oli Oli on Tuesday! He loves playing there!

Driving is going amazing! I mean I cannot believe I’m writing this! But I’m enjoying the freedom of being on wheels and on my own- Alhamdullilah a million!

The shami kababs I made are going great- I wake up every morning at around 6:30, make breakfast sandwiches with kababs😎 for everyone, wrap them, get my huge mug of chaye to take along, prepare Nayel’s snack box and leave home at around 8-

The fate of shami kababs

Yes mid week, I can make all this too😎

Weekend agenda:

– get my waxing done!!! Also my bushy eyebrows need a lot of work🙈- matlab k jungle hai

– take Nayel to a super cool play place- wana join? Follow me on instagram!

– cook atleast 3 meals and freeze ! Zindagi asan rehti hai

Here’s a beautiful coffee mug for you to kick start your weekend! Have a great one♥️

What’s are your weekend plans?

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