5 things that I learned from my recent trip to Pakistan

With a super messy house around , I’m sitting with my 3rd mug of chaye here- Nayel and Haya playing and I thought of sharing 5 things that I learned from my recent trip to Pakistan:


1. Travel. Don’t be scared of going around. Don’t wait for tomorrow or when your kids will grow up. Or when you will have a lot of savings. Plan for now and do it. You never know what tomorrow brings for you and parentings just keeps getting harder. Today is the right time.


2. Start with your own country- you will be shocked how beautiful your own hometown is. Start small. We always save to travel big. Start from your local place. Visit local cafes. Explore culture and take it simple. Great stories and hidden in simple things.


3. Take out a moment to speak to local people. On my visit to Northern Pakistan- I happened to visit a school- I was shocked how everyone spoke in English – how grateful , welcoming and hospitable they were.


4. Enjoy local small road side cafes and their food. Invest time to search for their own fruits and vegetables- and try those! You will be amazed on the flavour and sometimes won’t even know they exist!


5. If possible- stay longer. Plan less places and explore more. Stay there. Look at their daily lives. Walk around the beautiful streets and visit local museums. Pray in small mosques and buy roadside souvenirs instead of going into fancy malls.


My trip exploring my own country has awaken a travel lust in me. Living in Dubai- I haven’t ever been to the local places and cultural sites. And that’s where I will start now. Alhamdullilah for the changing weather- I cannot wait to be a tourist in my own city- Dubai!


If you know of cultural places in Dubai- please write them below.

Can you relate to any of the 5 above? What do you enjoy the most in a foreign county?


* B A C K T O C L E A N I N G *

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