5 things I couldn’t resist shopping today!

Uff seems like forever! After such a long time, watering my blog plant with a new write up- I really hope I continue writing here more!!

Daddy didn’t take the car today which means I got to do quiet some awara gerdi and fazool kherchi 😛

Here are some things I bought! Let me know what you think of these. Totally random han!

1. A happiness Candle:

I love candles! And this one especially had ‘Happiness’ on it. A great price of 10 aed and so beautiful- right for my working table. Khushbo bhe hai btw!

Shop: Max

Price : 10 aed on sale

2. Mini Note clip board:

This one was just soo cute that I couldn’t resist! It says ‘Dream Big Little Star!’ And perfect for my working table to attach mini chits and notes! Boht he pyara yarr!

Shop : Max

Price: 7 aed!

3. Magnetic Planner:

I’m such an old school kind of bandi! I love writing stuff done- especially when planning my groceries or meals or generally anything.

This one is amazing- its magnetic so best for the kitchen fridge. Has a pen holder too- and very funky! You knw I’m a teacher yea- all cool kind of stuff!

Shop: Max

Price: 12 aed

4. Nayel’s shoe shopping-

Not just for myself , but even for Nayel- I love collecting different coloured shoes that I can match with his outfits. So Max had awesome sale and just for 10 aed each , I got 3 pairs for him! Scene on matlab!

5. Table Runner:

Blue is my favorite colour- so I grabbed a cotton table runner matching it with my blue and white decor for my dinning table. Since my table is getting very karab from the centre, I keep finding ways to hide that! This looks equally beautiful too!

Shop: Max

Price : 15 aed

Hope you enjoyed reading this chota sa blog! Do you enjoy shopping in sales?

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