10 things I learnt on my journey to 10k on instagram

7 th February 2017 – and now- 2 years and 9 months later- I hit this milestone of social media- 10 k followers on instagram! Yayy or Nay? For some people this might be something grand- but for me- probably the only happy thing is that swipe up link I got! I used to dream about it lol! But hey! Yes- it does seems like a long journey- unlike many people- with just starting a few months back- growing grand 🙈- good for them!

But in my journey of reaching 10 k – I learnt some harsh and happy tid bits – so the best 10 – here they are:

1. 10 k is just a number: please don’t be fooled- it’s nothing more than a number really. It doesn’t define who you are or what you’re worth. You’re def way more than this!

2. Focus on your content: if you’re a new blogger reading this, the only sound advice I’d give you is to make your content stand out! It’s all about what your page says about you. Find your niche and post from heart!

3. Don’t look for short cuts: There are millions of pages that will reach out to you to grow unauthentically- avoid them- little slower is better- be real – be who you are 🙂

4. Brands and work: okay- I have been cringed by so many brands and PR who give this limit of followers to work with- what if people aren’t original- what if someone with 3 k is more real? Sadly that’s not what matters. So many times, I’ve not been approached cuz of my number- I know I write well! But people want to see that number- it did dishearten me many times- but I always used to go by the fact – what’s mine will come to me no matter what- and what isn’t would never.

5. Find your circle: you need people who appreciate you and support you. Find people who would cheer for you always- outside social media too- it’s very hard that find loyal and happy friends. This social media world is a competition – sometime I feel being sucked into a political ground- but then there are good people too! So choose carefully 🙂

6. Not everyone will like you: yes its true. You will be judged. You will be back stabbed. You will be talked about. So don’t take it to your heart. Enjoy your blog 🙂

7. Don’t be fooled with just what you see: yes- please don’t compare your life with others on social media. You don’t know what others are actually going through. Always say Alhamdullilah:)

8. Have a life outside your social media handles: and this one- I cannot emphasize enough. Imagine someday you wake up and find your handles deleted. Who are you know? Don’t go too far in this. Always prioritize your family and real friends:) they will stick by you no matter what.

9. Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone’s chapter 10: everything becomes toxic when comparisons stick in. Avoid. If some other blogger is getting more work- don’t cry about it. Focus on your content. If someone’s life bothers you- block them 🙂 unfollow:)-

10. Enjoy it! It’s suppose to be a past time thing. Yes you need to work hard- but don’t make it all your life. Don’t fake. Don’t be a people’s pleaser. Don’t sabotage your self respect to be somewhere. Don’t backbite. Don’t be jealous. Don’t promote something just for money. Connect with your followers. Be polite and nice and humble and humane!

Well- congratulations to me! I can now officially link for my swipe ups- yes that’s the only big happiness for me for crossing 10 k! Thank you for sticking by and showing endless support! You guys are awesome xx

Lots of love,

Frommummytonayel !

One thought on “10 things I learnt on my journey to 10k on instagram

  1. Congratulations on 10k!!!! I enjoyed your insta posts…. simple yet genuine!
    I definitely admit, competition and comparison is what made small measly things seem huge…In fact this was the reason why I left insta…. had to learn the hard way! And of course, I didn’t have the patience as well🙈

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