10 lessons that I’ve learnt from moving 5 homes in 5 years.

1. Be adaptable and flexible. Change can be overwhelming- both financially and emotionally.

2. Moving to new place makes you humble. It’s similar to traveling. You get to explore a new neighborhood- meet new people and experience different adventures.

3. Organizing before hand is helpful. Rather than now sorting things in the new home and decluttering later, I do that before hand so I only take what I need.

4. Home is where I make it. Getting attached emotionally is human nature- Few awwws and tears will always be a part of it. Accept it and take it now as a new happy and exciting challenge.

5. Always start with Allah’s name and blessings. Surah Baqarah before moving into a new home is must. Duas are shields just like that ting lock on your door? 😁

6. Your friends are out there. You just have to find them:)

7. Don’t rush on settling in. Give yourself time to get adjusted. Similarly take time in re-doing your space. Look into sales and second hands too- themes and what suits your comfort rather than just looking nice like catalogs:).

8. I’m now more independent than I ever thought I would be. Moving so much has made me step out of my comfort zone to find things that I enjoy- it’s a reliving kind of experience.

9. Random acts of kindness go a long way. Helping someone lift a bag, smiling at new neighbors, offering a frnd chai in your new place or guiding a stranger at a metro station- tiny beautiful moments- embrace them.🙂

10. It’s okay to not have everything that you see in an ikea show room. It’s okay not to have a perfect set up home- esp with kids! Adapt to happy mess, long chats, game nights and lots of laughter- wherever whenever❤️



How many homes have you changed so far? Also send across a dua for our new home❤️

One thought on “10 lessons that I’ve learnt from moving 5 homes in 5 years.

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