Easy chicken lettuce wraps.

I had wo sudden wali cravings for lettuce wraps and soup and spaghetti! Especially after my sister got those prawn crackers from Pakistan. I mean- desi chinese is my favorite food- and I can indulge in Hot n Sour soup with crackers every single day. Sadly my soup doesn’t taste Pakistan wala- lekin chalo na hone se to yeh mazay ka he hai! If you’re a cook, you know how mushkil is cutting sabizayn for chinese and how much time consuming it is. Lekin apke behn k phir bhe itne hectic day k bad yeh sab banaya. And mannn- I enjoyed!

Here’s how I made simple and easy chicken lettuce wraps.

☑️ Iceberg lettuce.

☑️ 300gms chicken mince.

☑️ small chopped onion.

☑️ 2 garlic cloves minced.

☑️ 1 tbsp oyster sauce.

☑️ 1 tbsp soya sauce.

☑️1/2 tbsp vinegar .

☑️ handful of mixed veggies- (chopped carrots, pepper and mushrooms)

☑️spring onions

☑️salt n pepper to taste



Saute onion and add chicken mince. Add in the minced garlic and cook nicely. Add the spices and sauces and little water. Once done add the diced veggies and let them all cook nicely.

Peel off the iceberg leaves and rinse in cold water. serve like making wraps!


Pretty simple yeah!! I just googled some recipes and made my own with what was available- desi style. I love these in Pfchangs- chalo kise din wo wali try kreinge!

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