Oats and Suji pancakes

This has been Nayel’s favorite snack since many months now! Sharing recipe here with you all! They’re oats and semolina pancakes- gluten free , egg-less and very healthy. Mostly for evening I make a couple of these for him. Do try and let me know!


Oats and Semolina Pancakes



•1/2 cup ground quick oats

•1/2 cup semolina (suji)

•3-4 tbsp Yoghurt

•Salt to taste

•Ground coconuts- optional

•Butter or desi ghee




•Mix ground oats, semolina, salt and coconut in a bowl.

•Add Yoghurt and make it into a thick paste kind of batter. Leave it for 15-20 minutes.

•Add water- enough to make a thick pancake batter which is not very runny.

•Brush a pan with desi ghee, pour the batter into small thick cake size- cook on low heat- brown from both sides.

•Cut into pieces or hand it to kids this way- not too hot please! Enjoy!! – even I love snacking em!!


I’ve even tried these with added grated carrots and onions – makes good savoury pancakes and Nayel likes having them! . inspired by @themommysphere 😉


Please share some of your toddler snacks ideas which I can try for Nayel too! xx


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