10 things under 15 dirhams that you can’t miss to buy from Daiso !

I’m all about affordable buys and steal deals. As mummies don’t we all look for great offers? So here’s what I thought might add a pinch of help and beauty too at your homes this Ramadan in some ways. Check out the list below :

1. Paint sticks-

Just for under 10 dirhams- 5 paintsticks that keep kids busy for long. Mess free and long lasting. Easily washable – these should be in for your Ramadan activity packs!

2. Kitchen dividers and stands- I really loved the ideas of creating more space in kitchen cabinets. So I purchased two different types- one pots and pans which is a little bigger and the other small but more stronger for plates section. Another interesting hack that I use for all my lids is this one- a file organizer in kitchen !!

3. Photo frames – I’ve made many gallery walls at my home. Grabbed photoframes from Daiso- great quality and many options to choose from!

4. LED candles– This is love!! For homes with kids- you have to have these- long lasting- battery operated and safe. The material really looks like a real candle- it will make your iftar tables stand out even more:)

5. Ramadan party stuff– I got a few packs of the disposable plates and other stuff. So beautiful- great for mess free iftar parties. Daiso has it sorted.

6. Craft sticks- Crafty mama- all your needy supplies in great prices in Daiso. Such a wholesome pack for just 8 dirhams. You will find almost all supplies there!

7. Hanging ornaments and baskets- I got these two hanging decorations for my kitchen. Great for outdoor too! You can hang plants too! And every size and shape basket haul ! All available in Daiso. Aren’t they cute!

8. Wooden stands- These have been such a hit on my blog! And I know so many of you bought these too! I love these! You can find these in garden and outdoor section.

9. Pretty Plates and bowls:

– Daiso has one of the most beautiful utensil and kitchen collection. Here are a few useful things that I got to add some nice touch on my tables. My husband has to drag me out each time I’m in Daiso from this section!

10. Montessori toys- Keeping kids busy during prayer is a challenge. Get affordable Montessori toys from Daiso that they will love. Baita loves these kitchen toys and this clock that I’m using to teach him time and numbers!

I personally love the Daiso branches in Oasis Mall and Dubai Mall. Which one is your favorite.

(Blog in Collaboration with Daiso Middleeast.)

4 thoughts on “10 things under 15 dirhams that you can’t miss to buy from Daiso !

  1. Hi! Yes u can.. i also made a gallery wall in my house with these frames. Just use a good tape and press firmly when u attach frames to the wall.


  2. Useful tips Tabinda! I love Diaso too😍 i like Dubai Festival City mall branch and Oasis Centre too… wish they could make it bigger in every mall 😎


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