10 Top ideas to keep kids busy this Summers!

10 Top ideas to keep kids busy this Summers!

Summers are daunting everyone- parents to keep first! it’s hot outside and they’re out of control inside – krein to kya? How much screen time is okay. What should be their routine. Eating habits, sleeping timings, setups all are thrown out of the happy mama window! So I thought of writing a post to help you all in fun and engaging ways to keep kids busy during summers!


1. Let them get bored! Please yar- let them cry and find ways to keep themselves busy. You will actually do good for them. Providing all the time makes kids lazy and stubborn. They need to man up and woman up too!

2. Duty charts! Be creative in making some charts at home- reward charts as you can say. And let them work at home. Assign chores such as setting up tables, watering plants, organizing rooms. As little as 3 yr olds- lots to do for them. Also- stay true to your words then. Choose rewards that would actually happen. Not like telling them well take you disney world if your throw your mess in garbage 😂- realistic, small and easy ones!

3. Find out free activities in your areas. Add them on the reward charts.

4. For little older kids- play games with them! Monopoly, scrabble, cards, name place animal thing etc kinds! Hello- we all grew up with them. Hide the ipads!!

5.Create mess craft buckets. Recycle and reuse material from home. Get them to play like inventors and create something.

6. Create Summer boards and scrap books. Pictures memories, cards drawing. They’re great!

7. Plan and write grocery lists and take kids along to help you buy stuff.

8. Make summer popsicles with kids. Fruit punches, cupcakes – kitchen fun rocks!

9. Night picnics in balconies, gardens – star gazing, mini home made dinner parties in backyards!

10.Reading guys. One of those things that you just can’t miss. If you’re lucky to have libraries around, take them there. If now- create mini fun book reading corners. Play review telling sessions after reading, give them a post reading task like a craft, puzzle, QAs etc. make reading meaningful:)


Most importantly- its okay if all fails. Don’t work too hard to keep them happy. Have lazy messy free days :)! What’s your fav👇

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