My Hajj Kahani – part 2

My Hajj Kahani – Part 2.

We were in Dubai, mama in Lahore and the package we chose plans and runs from Karachi. Alhamdullilah once we initiated, Allah helped each step to go forward. We have a general concept of going for Hajj in old age. Even if we can afford, we plan it for later time. I don’t understand why. Do we all know exactly how long are we in this world? Is tomorrow promised? Then why leave the major for last? Mama had the same perception- her initial reaction was that her daughters are still not married and she can’t leave them. But Alhamdullilah she took some time to decide and finally stepped up. We don’t have a brother. So it had to be with one of us. Me being the first to go- couldn’t leave without ma. May Allah call my sisters too soon. IA.

She flew here to me a week ago we had to fly for Hajj. Our Hajj group gave us flexibility to book our tickets, so 5 months prior, we did those which made us leave directly from Dubai and come back here too without having to go to Pakistan. Biggest blessing!


Upon reaching Makkah- the first day was a tough one- 9 hours in a bus- midnight somewhere we finally reached our hotel and were in ihrams for umrah. We thought of resting for a bit – but as soon as we got there, our souls just wanted to enter haram. I was this close to seeing Kaaba for the first time. The energy revived – no sleep to fatigue. I kept remembering all duas I had to say upon looking at the Kaaba for the first time- it’s a special dua qabool moment.


I kept my eyes down until I was very close to the grand black cube. And as I lifted my eyes-I had goosebumps- numbness and fear. Tears rolled down- like a stream- my first words ‘Alhamdullilah- ya Allah-‘ I don’t remember what I asked at that time. I was in some other state. Just crying and in a shock that Allah chose me out of all to be here at that particular moment. That Allah loves me- that He might have loved something I did. I don’t know what that was- but I prayed I kept doing it more and more- to gain His love.


Every other person I glanced upon had tears. Hand rose- lips muttering- eyes submissive- there- all are same- you’re at His honor- His home.


To be cont.. .


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