My Hajj Kahani – part 3

#myhajjkahani – 3.

This one is just a reflection post before I go into details of what happened next. One must be thinking that why am I sharing my journey in detail. There are 2reasons for it- 1- for my ownself- I want to have it written somewhere so I can refresh it again and again. 2-for people to get motivated to plan theirs soon. No doubt Hajj is a very hectic trip- miles and miles of walk- terrible washrooms- just to name a few- but what you achieve out of it is so much bigger than any hurdle that comes in your way. Even if one of you gets inspired and pushed to plan their Hajj next year after reading my stories, I’d feel I’m doing something right. InshAllah. I was telling someone the other day how it really feels, and I’d best describe Hajj as your delivery pain- being in labour. As mums imagine that time- that pain- that effort- and once your baby is in your arms- you don’t even remember slightest of that excruciating pain. It’s all gone. And for some of us- we crave and undergo that again- knowing the pain- yet that tiny bundle is all what we remember. Hajj is very similar to that! After all the pain and effort – what you gain cannot be described in words. It’s pure. It’s beautiful. And if your Hajj does get accepted- it’s as if you’re reborn-SubhanAllah!

Whenever I felt tired or down during the 17 days, Allah swt made me come across someone who would push me and get me in tears in forgiveness. Once when I was missing Nayel, I met a young girl- 6 months pregnant- the next day I heard her delivering her baby- the hospital kept her premature baby and asked her to go back. She was doing Hajj just like me. Praying- with a smile- doing sabr- Gave me an instant boost. The last day I heard of her son passing away- I couldn’t imagine her pain. All I remember her is as a brave young girl doing her rituals with courage. May Allah swt bless her and all young girls trying for babies – their own coolness of eyes soon iA. I also came across a mother with 3 kids- all there doing Hajj. She was such a calm and a happy lady! All 3 kids playing around – adjusting to whatever was coming. No complaints. It changed my perspective and got me on track!Alhamdulillah.

To be cont

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