My Hajj Kahani – part 4

My Hajj Kahani – Part 4

After Umrah, we were moved to a place called Aziziya for 4 days. Aziziya is just like Sharjah, imagine Makkah to be Dubai. Each company has their building or hotel where their people stay. It was very convenient as it’s closer to Mina so during Hajj days, we could come back from Mina to shower and rest if needed. These 4 days we relaxed, prayed and basically just chilled. Now Hajj days are no less than miracles. Whatever I asked for it was as it Allah mian is justing sitting and listening to me. One day I left masjid after Maghrib prayers and felt like eating grapes. Right outside I saw. Truck giving off grapes! But it was packed and I couldn’t get. Sometime later as I was walking, a very unusual theela of fruits of all kinds was standing. I bought some grapes and ate happily! I was telling my MIL this and she said Allah swt is answering little things so He builts His trust that he’s listening- and you go ahead and ask whatever you want. 😍


I used to be so worried about Nayel. Even leaving him with his dada dadi was making me anxious as he makes everyone run around. So Allah swt blessed me with such helpful people around. @emirateshomenursing stepped up and sent nannies for a week while I was away- and the later days @faizaali sent me her awesome nanny to support. It was beyond words and I cannot express how things got easy. Indeed when Allah swt says leave on Him- we really should. I’m blessed to around people who’re so helpul and supportive! My hajj journey has these little beautiful moments that always bring smile.


Practice leaving your worries on Allah swt. When we worry and cry to people, it’s as if we’re trying to control all. Allah swt doesn’t like it. He wants his people to ask only Him. Cry to Him. Trust me guys- Right in Haram I prayed Allah For giving me patience to toilet train Nayel. It was funny- but why not! I know He will help me- he always does. Today- talk to Allah swt for you’re tinniest worry- tell Him- with tears- think how our babies need milk- How do we know they’re hungry? They cry! It’s same for us- and you’ll see it happenings so beautiful inshAllah. positivity- Tawakul – sincerity all you need


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