My Hajj Kahani – part 5

Nights were hard for baita. For 17 days- he cried- he was upset. He wanted to sleep on my arm- hug me —He often got dada’s car keys and asked them to take him to Nayel home.

Meanwhile at Hajj, no one told us these details. The 5 tough days began. We got into Ahrams and left homes for Mina. Hajj journey began. Honestly when people told me that the moment I’d get on the flight, I’d forget everything behind, I thought that wasn’t possible. But that did happen. The 5 days through Hajj- there’s so much to focus on that you hardly remember life back home.

So my biggest reflection so far from Hajj is ‘Life’ itself. You start Hajj 7 star- luxury of your home- moving to a 5 star hotel for a few days- next comes Aziziya – an apartment which is comfortable but not luxurious- each step u miss what you had- yet the only focus is- Allah swt. Then soon you’re living in Mina- 30-40 people in a tent. Bed space just so you can lie straight- you adjust- sometimes it’s hot or very cold- but your mind is busy in zikr Allah. Soon after- you’re out under sky in Arafat and Muzdalifah- nothing at all- only Allah. So Allah swt takes you on a journey to think about your life. Sometimes it’s all great, sometimes not so well, other times hard and sad— and by all means He wants us to turn to Him only.

Adjusting to people around, moulding and giving in on tough situations. Being the bigger person and apologizing. Patience. Giving up your comfort for someone else for Allahs sake. Helping others and getting envious to earn more reward by doing better— all is what makes us Human more than someone else. That’s what Hajj taught me. And aren’t those what we want to teach our kids too? But before teaching- they need to see us doing that. And it will automatically be reflected on them.


Hajj is a physical journey And moments to connect spiritually are hard to achieve in the chaos and uncertainty. But as soon as you embark it all by Labaik Allah huma Labaik words— you surrender and give Him the charge. It all cools down no matter how hard it seems then.


With each passing day- I miss that place more- and with each sajood I thank Him even more for giving it to me.


#myhajjstory #myhajjkahani

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