5 Tips to handle Toddler Tantrums before School run!

This morning was a hectic day – both for me and baita. The science behind school starting kids is that many of them begin their journey happily. The first 3 days are great. It’s usually during the second week when it hits them that this is a routine. That’s when they spill like water all around- screams ,refusals and fights come in. And 99% of mums keep saying,’hurry up! We’re late.’ ‘Be quick!’ -We scream, get frustrated and obviously that results in more tears and an unhappy start. So here’s something that might help you that we as teachers used to tell parents at orientations!😊


1. Accept the new change for them. Breath in and be ready for all. Move your alarm clocks 30 min earlier than the usual time so you get done with kitchen work first before waking up kids. Prep lunchboxes at night. Make your mornings easy.

2. Set routines with early bed time. Swipe to see the schedule for each age. Sleep is super important for kids to get up fresh. Say no to late night dawats, dor ki shadiyan, malls. If kids refuse to sleep, dim home lights- make the surrounding calm and lie down with them- telling them to go to bed wouldn’t work. Act MORE say LESS

3. Spend the first 20-30 min of the morning in cuddles and something your kid likes. It’s a huge change for them. Separation anxiety kicks in hard. Don’t tell them to hurry up.Just use min words and keep moving on with one step at a time. Distract them from school prep. Hug more. Resist shouting , shoving, pulling. Nothing will help.

4. Don’t bribe them with things you won’t do. No lying. Kids are smart- very soon they won’t trust you and will be doing the same. Don’t make false promises. Don’t lure them with candies and toys to get ready. This will make them feel that it’s an everyday thing and you’re in trouble.

5. The truth is- IT TAKES TIME. Some kids have meltdowns in the first week. Some not at all. Don’t compare your kids with others or even 2 of your own. Each kid takes it’s own time. Allow that. It’s a lifetime experience- also, if he refuses and gets upset even in 4-5 weeks, chat with the teacher as there might be something at school. Bullying oR a frustrated teacher might be it!


It gets easy mama. InshAllah! Anything that you’d like to add that works for you?


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