10 crazy things about The Green Planet Dubai

10 crazy things about the @thegreenplanetdubai that you should know😍

1. In the centre stands a 35 m tree- which is world’s largest man made life-sustaining tree!

2. There are more than 3000 species of flora and fauna at The green planet- crazy right😍.

3.The only place in Dubai to see a sloth and an iguana along with many other reptiles- some you’d spot right next to you!

4. Beautiful birds fly from one end to the other freely- they enjoy teasing the visitors – super naughty ones! So watch on😂.

5. You can absolutely hold a snake in here! They recently added huge ones too- They eat rats and mice as their scrumptious meals- fancy yeah!

6. The humidity is set at 70% higher than normal levels, and temperatures stay between 77°F and 82°F- so once inside you’ll get total feels of a rainforest- that’s how the plants and animals stay in there- its Home.

7. To get to the tree, you need to cross a rope bridge from an outer platform. There are plenty of them on each floor for you to enjoy the thrill! Don’t worry, they’re safe ✅.

8. An indoor beautiful waterfall is also connected to the tree and you walk right next to it under a bridge- such a magical experience for kids especially:).

9. If you’re thinking why was it created, The real goal of the Green Planet, (which offers various educational programs as well- check their website for details )is to be a space where Dubai’s residents — young and old — can learn about wildlife. Every spot has illustrations and details to learn along with interactive screens to learn more.

10- February offers are great for this month! AED120 Adult | AED99 child




For more adventures!https://www.instagram.com/p/B8F7uyJBBtq/?igshid=cbpytuafh6ds

What do you guys think!?

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