“Life is for strange adventures and rambling conversations”👪

Welcome to my la la land! I’m a first time mum to a sweet and a naughty 2 year old- Nayel- and that’s mainly what this blog is all about. By profession, I’m a Teacher – currently on a mummy break for full time work. BUT  you will still find a lot of educational happy stuff around here on my blog!

3 words to describe me : funny, chatter-box– (Leave me with a group and I’ll be the loudest 😏) and creative!

My hobbies include wasting time on social media and getting enthusiastic for at least 10 DIY ideas a day and then doing none! I absolutely love cooking and baking! hence this wonderland that you currently on has a lot of yummy recipes both for kids and adults- do try them!

Read my little real stories and I’m sure you can relate to them too!

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Happy reading!