10 lessons that I’ve learnt from moving 5 homes in 5 years.

1. Be adaptable and flexible. Change can be overwhelming- both financially and emotionally. 2. Moving to new place makes you humble. It’s similar to traveling. You get to explore a new neighborhood- meet new people and experience different adventures. 3. Organizing before hand is helpful. Rather than now sorting things in the new home and … Continue reading 10 lessons that I’ve learnt from moving 5 homes in 5 years.

5 things I couldn’t resist shopping today!

Uff seems like forever! After such a long time, watering my blog plant with a new write up- I really hope I continue writing here more!! Daddy didn't take the car today which means I got to do quiet some awara gerdi and fazool kherchi 😛 Here are some things I bought! Let me know … Continue reading 5 things I couldn’t resist shopping today!

Airport Stories

I once read somewhere and I always witness it too- ‘’Airports see the most sincer kisses and tears and hospitals hear the deepest prayers..’’ . At the airport today while coming back from Pakistan, there was a young man - aged 30-35 maybe. He was standing right infront of us in the que in plain … Continue reading Airport Stories

Palmer’s Coco- wonders for skin.

I have always been a huge coconut fan ! Be it for its coconut water, coconut milk, the yummy and fresh coconut meat inside or for beauty purposes. I love applying coconut hair on my hair and whenever I go for a body massage, it's my favorite choice. Hence-sharing with you all two coco-ful products … Continue reading Palmer’s Coco- wonders for skin.

8 Types Of Desi Mango Eaters

With the mango season on full boom, I thought of writing this blog for every single mango fan! Read and place yourself in the category ! Also tag your friends and family 1. The clean slate: These people make sure not even a single atom of mango pulp is left. Pora safaya. They respect mangoes … Continue reading 8 Types Of Desi Mango Eaters