Ramadan Reflections- Summary Juzz 11

SUMMARY 〰〰〰〰 JUZZ-11 This summary of the eleventh juzz covers Surah At Tauba ayah 94 to Surah Hud ayah 5. Beginning of the Eleventh Juz. The ending of the tenth Juz dealt with those Munâfiqîn who concocted excuses to evade conscription into the Muslim army. There were also many proud Munâfiqîn who saw no need … Continue reading Ramadan Reflections- Summary Juzz 11

Ramadan Reflections- Summary Juzz 10

SUMMARY 〰〰〰〰 JUZZ-10 This summary of the tenth juzz covers Surah Al Anfal ayah 41 to Surah At Tauba ayah 93. Beginning of tenth Juz The tenth Juz commences with mention of booty. Allâh declares, "Know that from whatever spoils of war that you acquire, a fifth of it shall be for Allâh, His messenger, … Continue reading Ramadan Reflections- Summary Juzz 10

Ramadan Reflections- Summary juzz 9

SUMMARY OF JUZZ 9 In the remaining verses of al-’Araf, Allah tells us, in considerable depth, the story of Musa (Moses) and his struggle with the great enemy of Allah, the Pharaoh. Furthermore, we are told of Musa’s experiences with the Children of Israel with many important lessons for the Muslim nation and our own … Continue reading Ramadan Reflections- Summary juzz 9

Ramadan Reflections- Summary Juzz 8

 JUZZ -8 This summary of the eighth juzz covers the portion frm Surah Al Anaam ayahs 111 to ayahs 87 of Surah Al Araaf. Beginning of Eighth Juz Allâh commands Rasulullâh Sallallâhu 'alayhi wasallam to announce to the people, "Certainly my Rabb has guided me to the straight path ... Surely my Salâh, all … Continue reading Ramadan Reflections- Summary Juzz 8

Ramadan Reflections – Summary juzz 7

*SUMMARY OF JUZZ 7* In this Juz, Allah concludes the chapter of al-Ma’idah (Table Spread) with a number of rulings on oath-taking, game and hunting and the prohibition of alcohol. In a continuing theme running through this chapter, the final verses of the chapter are concerning Christianity, the miracles of Esa ( Jesus) and the … Continue reading Ramadan Reflections – Summary juzz 7