Do’s and Don’ts for Global Village Dubai with kids this season

We absolutely enjoyed our visit so I thought of writing a few pointers that might help you! 1. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. I almost died watching some mummies in high heels🤦🏻‍♀️. 2. Carry warm jackets- it does get cold later at night. 3. Carry cash with you- ATM’s remain full and it will just … Continue reading Do’s and Don’ts for Global Village Dubai with kids this season

You’re not alone..

It’s been days since I had a mental block - you know that feeling when you feel not being able to process your minds or thoughts into words. And each time I sat to wrote, I was blank. Even now when I’m typing, I don’t know what will come out.. but the only thing I … Continue reading You’re not alone..

Fridays are back

I stopped writing my usual Friday Blog a while ago and I had so many people asking me to start it again. Super happy to see how many of you guys enjoyed my Friday series- hence *drum rolls* they're back! Starting with some updates from Mother's day- Nayel and I enjoyed lovely breakfast at Sophie's … Continue reading Fridays are back

Pjs all day!

I posted this comforting quote that reflects me and all the mommies a few days back and it connected me to such a cute brand! Three cheers for ' 'Peach Blossoms!' As I write this post, I'm sitting in their cute 'floral fancy pajamas' sipping my tea. Yes they have names for all their prints! … Continue reading Pjs all day!

A picture says a thousand words..

I can’t tell you guys how much I’m enjoying my current blog series to feature amazing inspirational mums here in the UAE! So my 3rd one is the very talented ‘Scheherazade Safwan’ - A mum to two year old little girl. Last week, I met her at the La mer beach- the new beautiful and … Continue reading A picture says a thousand words..